Will The Madness Ever End?

Like many of you, I sit in my living room, wondering when this pandemic will be over. For me, this couldn’t have come at a worse time. I announced the release of my debut novel (stop by here for details) and was preparing for a launch party/book signing when government authorities issued the stay at home order.

Over the years, I’ve seen the ashes of Mount Saint Helen turn noon into midnight, rumbled and shook with the Loma Prieta earthquake, watched in helplessness as the Missouri and Mississippi rivers flooded for miles. I’ve never seen grocery shelves this empty, can’t remember a time when so much panic rode the multimedia spectrum.

Maybe it’s a reflection of the technological advances of recent years. Or maybe, as I get older and face my mortality, death stares back a little more than in my optimistic and jubilant youth. Either way, we must find things to laugh about. So I thought I would immortalize a couple that made me laugh.

In General Conference, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints announced a new logo, depicting the resurrected Savior. Good for them, but poor Moroni. Man, what a bummer. Drop the trumpet once in two hundred years, and he’s fired!

COVID-19 is turning us all into dogs: we roam the house all day looking for food, approach strangers and get told, “No!” and our excitement escalates at the mention of a car ride!

Praises to the hundreds keeping us safe, fed, and healthy! Shout it from the mountains and rooftops. Express your gratitude to those delivering packages, parcels, and, yes, even bills. Without you, the silence of the days would be unbearable.

An Explosive Personality

It is rare to find a woman who is calm on the exterior but suddenly becomes spontaneous. Troubled waters below a thin surface, she is challenging to predict even to those who know her best.

She is extremely curious but unable to stay focused, loyal, and steady for a while. Under the calm surface, impulsive energy is building until it explodes with her taking bold new directions, new men, and new interests.

While at heart is a strong sense of fairness, she often acts too soon. She becomes overly involved in others’ projects, but become bored quickly changing plans because something more interesting captivated her attention.

Personally, I love this personality type is a supporting character. The challenge to myself is to write a protagonist or antagonist bearing this personality. Herein I must reach beyond myself and understand there is no deceit in short-term loyalty replaced by something more interesting. Impulsivity is not my forte, and losing focus has never been my challenge. To adopt these opposites will stretch my soul. Fortunately, I relish the idea and readily accept the quest. Can you?