An Introvert As A Villain?

Some men eschew dominance, preferring democratic approaches, and working hard to ensure everyone’s voice is heard, and everyone’s perspective is given equal light under the sun. Being open-minded, rules feel constrictive, dampening their creative powers. As ideas capture their attention, they go all-in working hard behind the scenes to see the project to completion. When others focus on the challenges and lose their way during challenging situations, these men have the benefit of far-reaching vision.

Often, these men take their idealism too far, and find disappointment as evil, again and again, conquers the world. Wanting to give to the world, they often give more than they are able, ignoring important people in their lives and paying too little attention to a healthy self. Taking their passions too far, they may forget to eat or sleep. Often, they’re so focused on the big picture that small details, facts, and data that contradict their ideals become insurmountable challenges.

Because these men are private, yet take things personally, it is difficult for others to offer friendly suggestions and critique. Notoriously difficult to get to know, understanding what motivates these men are often misunderstood. Their guilt for being so private hinders their ability to open up, often causing downward spirals in their life.

It is difficult to imagine an antagonist with these character traits. How many open-minded villains can you think of? I’ll bet dozens of supporting roles come to mind. Maybe even a few protagonists along the way. So, here’s a challenge for you: write an INFP villain—introverted, quiet, who prefers solitude to understand and make sense of the complexities they see, who use subjective criteria to make decisions, and who remains flexible and keeps their options open.