Right Now, Don’t Waste This Moment

The world is meant to be felt and experienced. Every day is a performance, and there is no time for waxing philosophical. The future will take care of itself, but because time marches inexorably forward, some men choose to seize the moment rather than let it pass by. I know it seems strange, but some men love to pay attention to people, almost always have something to talk about.

Have you ever known a man like that? I do. I think fondly on “Jim” as the man who can B.S. on command. He was happiest when interacting with people, and whether the conversation was social or down-to-business, he found supreme joy in surrounding himself with people.

As expected, Jim was a poor long-term planner, but damn! if every day wasn’t fun, whether working or playing. He always had a smile on his face and a joke, usually bane, on the tip of his tongue.

And, yes, he often would say what he thought was needed when avoiding conflict. As you can imagine, his intimate partners were many, short-lived, and free-spirited as he was.

Imagine my surprise when he, as he got older, found someone he wanted to stay with for the rest of his life? “Give it a couple of years,” I said. I was wrong. It’s been several years now and, to the best of my knowledge, there is no end in sight.

What about a character who embraces change like this as a character arc? I can think of a dozen ways to structure a story to include such a personality. Can you?