Ladies Inspiring Others To Do Good

Some intuitive people understand multiple sides of a story and prefer to reach people on their own level, be it through facts, logic, or raw emotion. This trait draws people toward them, because, hey, who doesn’t like a strong personality? But when intuitive people become too sensitive, take too much to heart, and bury themselves in their hopeful promises, they turn desperate and needy. Others lose their self-esteem because they fail to meet goals.

All this intuition brings with it an inability to make decisions, especially if the imagined consequences of their actions are humanitarian.

These are women who take relationships seriously, too much, too fast. They need commitments—early and deep. However, they also need to know the relationship is steady—often testing their partner. If their partner doesn’t visibly express affection, they retreat into themselves and worry ceaselessly. You’ll find that they sometimes even sacrifice their own principles to keep the peace. When the underlying issues are not fully resolved, pressure builds into resentment and often leads to destruction of the relationship they are trying to sustain.

Other personality types have a difficult time keeping up with women who enjoy lending a helping hand to anyone and everyone. Especially those that shy away from the constant need to be social. This is because they take pride in nurturing and inspiring strong values everywhere. As parents, whatever their children need to learn and grow, the ENFJ mother give the time and energy necessary to provide it. But they leave the disciplining and confronting undesired behavior to the fathers.

Do you have a favorite female character that embodies these characteristics?