Loyal To A Fault

Some women, 6.3 percent of them, according to one study, are strong in both self-confidence and principles. That’s not to say the remaining ninety-four percent aren’t principled and confident, but these traits are especially strong in this type of woman. They use these qualities to protect their families with admirable consistency, avoiding emotional roller-coasters with stubborn belief. While they work to exemplify truthfulness and reliability, doing what they say they’ll do, their stubbornness often prevents them from comprehending other possibilities that might work, too busy doing what they know works… at least last time.

It is difficult to “let their hair down” fearing to look the fool. For these women, a detour off the proficient beaten path, breathtaking as it might be, passes by them as they worry about reaching their destination an hour late, hurting loved ones by rejecting the suggested detour too harshly.

Because they take pride in taking roles of community organizers, working hard to bring everyone together, especially regarding traditional values that hold communities and families together, it’s no wonder they are in demand. My guess, looking into my crystal ball, is that our first lady president will be just this sort of woman.

This personality type makes for creating great characters and supporting characters in our stories. Who doesn’t like a strong-willed leader who stands for traditional values? Who can’t see an antagonist standing against the new upcoming ideologies? When embracing change and chaos to adopt the new philosophy is displayed as the only path, this woman will fight tooth and nail against it.

Now that sounds like a new story unfolding, doesn’t it?