All People Are Basically Good

Have you ever known someone who believes in the inherent goodness of people? Sure, there are skeptics out there–people who say that others are out to get them, who espouse the “dog eat dog” mentality and cut into line when they are in a hurry. And there are those who “forgive” these negative people, giving them the benefit of the doubt because, as they say, “there but for the grace of God go I.”

Women like these don’t care much for domineering attitudes, preferring to hear and understand everyone’s perspectives before making judgments. But once they’ve made up their mind, they’re all in, throwing everything they’ve got into the project. When the going gets tough, their far-reaching vision keeps them from distractions. Knowing they’re doing something meaningful gives them a sense of purpose and the courage to see it through to the end.

These women give until it hurts because they can’t save everyone. Their drive often sends them down a path of self-neglect, forgetting to do the everyday and mundane in lieu of loftier goals. They forget that the forest, beautiful as it may be, is still composed of trees. They take failure and criticism personally, and when they can’t satisfy everyone, no one is happy.

Often, they are private, reserved and self-conscious. But their need for these qualities contribute to self-doubt as lofty goals take time to reach. Just as often, they dream of the perfect relationship and plan the ideal celebrations only to be drenched by imperfection and are devastated when loving relationships require work. Can anyone say, “Hopeless Romantic?”

Try giving your characters these qualities and see how they change your POV Character Arc. You just might find a deeper, more vibrant story evolving in ways you never thought of before.