Men Connected to Emotions?

Seventy-Five out of a thousand men feel emotions profoundly and genuinely. These are men who use their hearts to make decisions, who while just as logical as others value their sense of morality more. These are men who do not struggle with understanding emotions. Because of this, their need for freedom and sense of adventure often drives them to unknowingly hurt others around them.

Intensely passionate, imaginative, and curious often leads these men down strange and adventurous roads, visualizing things that resonate with others around them. Thus, they are fiercely independent and unpredictable. They are overly competitive with fluctuating self-esteem.

This is because many have not yet learned that self-worth does not come from outside. It comes from within. Failures are often seen as weakness and are thus avoided. Sometimes at all costs. Their passion leads them to try things with their whole souls. Imaginations tell them what is possible, but perfection rarely comes with the first attempt.

Imagine, if you will, Steve Rogers (Captain America) without all that confidence. Even as a ninety-pound weakling he oozed self-worth in spite of his low physical capabilities. What are you left with? A perfect Main Character.