Men are men

8.5% of men fall into this category. This may seem like a small number, considering it’s number three on the most common personality type list. Just remember that the number one and two are 16.4 and 11.2 respectively. This third group of men share a couple of things in common with the first two groups, however. All three prefer facts, specifics and details. All three are ruled by the head and not the heart.

Yes, an increasing number of men have been taught to lock our feelings away, not show emotions. And certainly don’t cry; it’s a sign of weakness.

But why?

First, in no particular order, is the fact that in our formative years we are connected primarily to women: mothers, female teachers, cub scout leaders, Sunday school teachers are primarily women. Furthermore, absent fathers doesn’t contribute to the mix.

Contrast that with our DNA. From the early days of man’s awakening, men bonded together in the ritual hunt, and the rights of manhood (think walk-about). It is in bonding with the older males in life struggles that a boy learns what it means to become a man.

Am I suggesting that women aren’t capable of teaching a young boy virtues of manliness? Not at all. Women are capable in every way.

What I am suggesting, however, is, biologically speaking, infants, toddlers, and young men bond with their mothers and other women in their life differently than with men. It’s built into our DNA; from eons of selective breeding certain types of DNA strands evolved through the years.

Am I suggesting that men are incapable of developing other traits such as intuition, or change the way we perceive and accept the world around us? Certainly not. I whole heartedly believe in the human being’s ability to change, to grow, to adapt and progress.

Does this information change how we, as story tellers, approach our craft? Probably not. Tropes exist in stories because tropes exist in nature. Men are men. As long as we continue to be men, we will continue to be portrayed in stereotypical stubborn, heartless, and calculating. I don’t see that changing in any dramatic way anytime soon. Prove me wrong.