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SwimmingWMermaidNear Grand Cayman, Jan 2020

Hot off the presses: Chasing shadows!

The audio version of his great adventure novel is now available. Follow these links for Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and ACX.


Backstory Shorts

Backstory Shorts is where you will find excerpts from the backstories of characters in my novels. These shorts provide historical context that was helpful in writing scenes. While most backstory events are not usually included in the final drafts of novels, they provide a level of realism, depth, and personality to the characters. Sometimes they help to understand why characters have made the decisions that drove their story forward.



Works In Progress is where you will find odds and ends, the chaotic mind of the author, in random musings across the spectrum of his art. Be sure to check out his voice acting bloopers!

And now, his works are available in audio! Follow these links: Unlikely Emotional Metamorphosis, and Chasing Shadows. They are also available through ACS Bounty: follow these links: Unlikely, Emotional Metamorphosis, and Chasing Shadows.

Be on the look out for: Waking the Wight.