Logical Women

I know, a topic that sounds too strange to be found on earth. What comes to my mind are Vulcan women—dispassionate, all-business, no sensitivity.

When my feet touch earth once again, I think of the ladies I have had extraordinary conversations with, who eschew small talk, preferring mentally stimulating topics instead.

But dating these women, I’ve found that before our first date, they’ve already imagined a myriad of ways we can experience new things and grow in tandem. The problem is if I take my laid back, easy-going nature with me on those dates, their assessment of me is often lacking. “Show me a satisfied man, and I’ll show you a failure.”

Here’s an idea: Take a tyrant of a man and make them fall in love with an ENTP woman. Can you do it? Will it be a happy, Hallmark ending, or a tragedy?