Years in the making, it is finally here! I am excited to announce the release of Unlikely, the first in a series of technological wanderings throughout history.

Cameron and Crystal are two scientists experimenting in long-range, high-speed communications equipment. An explosion allows them to interact with the Yucatan Peninsula 375 A.D. At City of Dawn, they follow a Warrior-Leader and his father creating the Dzinuhu Amoxtli—A Precious Yellow-Metal Book.

Watch an aspiring priest who believes they also possess the Mahan Codex—secrets to power handed down by the Father of Lies—who will stop at nothing to obtain it for himself. Follow ancient warriors battling political intrigue, insurrection, and betrayal as the mighty Mayan empire tears itself apart. Struggle with heroes from different eras as they fight for the right to survive.

The novel is available in print by clicking here, or Kindle e-reader by clicking here.

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A great big shout out to The Fubo at Inverted Mind, Inc. for awesome artwork for this publication!