An Explosive Personality

It is rare to find a woman who is calm on the exterior but suddenly becomes spontaneous. Troubled waters below a thin surface, she is challenging to predict even to those who know her best.

She is extremely curious but unable to stay focused, loyal, and steady for a while. Under the calm surface, impulsive energy is building until it explodes with her taking bold new directions, new men, and new interests.

While at heart is a strong sense of fairness, she often acts too soon. She becomes overly involved in others’ projects, but become bored quickly changing plans because something more interesting captivated her attention.

Personally, I love this personality type is a supporting character. The challenge to myself is to write a protagonist or antagonist bearing this personality. Herein I must reach beyond myself and understand there is no deceit in short-term loyalty replaced by something more interesting. Impulsivity is not my forte, and losing focus has never been my challenge. To adopt these opposites will stretch my soul. Fortunately, I relish the idea and readily accept the quest. Can you?

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