Looking Down On Others

Here we have the bookworms, those with a thirst for knowledge, who dream big and fail most often. These people take pride in what they know, trust logic, and deductive reasoning. As such, they often see others as inferior and treat them accordingly.
While they examine the future with optimism, they’ll often look around and see others as too lazy, unimaginative, or selfish to reach challenging goals and, therefore, express pessimism in society’s progress. And they are perfectly fine living with this duality, incongruent as it may seem.

This personality type eschews rules, believing them to be bendable guidelines and dislike authority figures who stand by them unmoved by compassion or logic. Because they question everything, and continuously review progress, they think others also do this and are often confused when the evidence shows otherwise.

Characters in our stories with this personality type are challenging to work with. Because they live in duality, and very few of us share this ability, we must reach outside ourselves, step beyond our own ways of looking at the world, to depict these people correctly. But the challenge is worthwhile if we succeed. Tragically, however, we often fail as story-crafters to consistently and accurately portray the introverted, imaginative, thinking judgers of the world.

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