On A Constant Quest

Our next personality type, like all Analyst personality types, enjoy the mental exercise in questioning everything, especially the prevailing mode of thought. In this, they often step on others’ toes. They openly challenge the boss’ ideas in meetings or pick apart everything a significant other says.

While they have little tolerance for being coddled, they need to remember in the end, they will always depend on other people or risk losing everything. When engaging in a fun exploration of new and exciting ways of perceiving the world, they lose the necessary support for their pet projects.

This is a fun personality to include in your characters, whether they are the protagonist, antagonist, or merely supporting one or the other. They can be stumbling blocks, introducing internal strife, or external conflict. But don’t forget, without support from others, they should always fail. But that’s okay because, in the end, our characters must be challenged. No story worth writing is free from our favorite characters failing. It is the rise above failure that provides the character arc. Who doesn’t like a character-driven story?

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