Living Life To The Fullest

Nearly ten percent of women, according to the distribution charts, are introspective, yet warm and inviting adventurists. They deal with people according to how they feel about them, or how they fit into internal value systems. While striving to consistently act within a strong set of values, they tend to rebel against anything that conflicts with that goal. More to the point, I believe, they rebel against anything standing in their way of living according to their beliefs.

They are likely to be kind, gentle, and sensitive when dealing with someone not close to them while keeping them at emotional distances. Actions win over musing, but their heart guides their decisions.

Because they take life seriously, but because they are both extraordinarily perceptive and generously warm and caring, they desire to serve with their whole hearts. This makes life challenging, their perfectionism often causing intense self-scrutiny with unnecessary harshness.

As secondary characters, this personality is excellent for foiling aggressive and tyrannical characters or contrasting the beauty of life against logic and cold rationale.

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