Who’s Who Did It Again

The folks at Marquis Who’s Who recently announced my inclusion in their Top Professional Series. You can find the link here.

It is both an honor and a privilege to be recognized for years of dedication and effort. As I look into my crystal ball and divine the future, my optimism in humanity wanes, until something like this sends a shock-wave through my system.

I’ll admit, this year frustrated me to my core. While I sit in my living room everyday and enjoy the work environment more than the cube-farm, I had planned, paid for, awaited and anticipated face-to-face contact with potential readers. I know, as a writer with extrovert personality traits, a rarity to be sure, I struggle to market my writings from isolation. Some days, the isolation melts into desolation.

From those pits of despair rise ideas, fueled by humanity acting in surprising ways. In the coming weeks, keep an eye on this blog. Announcements of more YouTube videos are in the works. More bloopers are coming to make you laugh. And innovation. Multiple media co-mingling with the creativity of grammar is churning new ideas. If working as a writer of software and science fiction, voice acting, marketing director and entrepreneur isn’t keeping me busy enough, wait until you see what else I’m planning!

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