Passion, Observation, Action

Have you ever met someone with a thirst for knowledge, who love philosophy because finding actionable ideas leads them to new careers? These men often connect disparate ideas together in ways that the rest of us don’t see. Take Steve Jobs, for example, and the people who took technology in new directions.

You might think that men with this perceptive skill would play mind games, use their observations to manipulate people. But what if a character in our novels is perceptive without guile? He would prefer to communicate clearly, with factual questions and answers–take a direct approach.

But being direct has its drawbacks, too. Impatience and insensitivity come out too strongly. They lack the finesse to maneuver emotionally charged situations. And slowing down because someone else doesn’t get it? Forget it! They’ll get the job done and, if you’re lucky, they’ll notice they stepped on toes.

Their action-orientation prevents them from staying within the lines. Their inability to “go with the flow” prevents them from staying focused long enough in entry-level jobs to be noticed by management.

Their enthusiasm and unpredictability are obvious turn-ons for women. But watch out! Relationships require depth and emotionally intimate levels, which they find hard to maintain.

Do you have great examples of ESTP personalities in the stories you love? Care to share?


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