Idealistic, But Unable To Follow-Through

Have you ever known a woman who has a lot of great ideas, but seldom completed projects? They are likely energetic and enthusiastic about their ideas! Because they are intuitive, they usually communicate well, regardless of the depth of the conversation. In other words, they equally enjoy deep conversations and fun, relaxing or playful times.

Through disdain of cookie-cutter homes, lifestyles, and people they often stand out in a crowd, giving off their own vibe, wearing less fashionable clothes, and conforming less often than most.

These personality types make great characters in our stories. Think distractions, funny tidbits of behavior that adds color and liveliness to an otherwise humdrum, though necessary scene. Women with these traits are often found surrounded by people, so they come in and out of scenes with ease, interact with other characters from an intuitive, perceptive perspective, quickly lose focus and attention-span, and disappear rapidly.

What other ways can you think of using this personality type in your stories?

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