Most Men

If men aren’t the inspector (ISTJ), they are next likely to be ESTJ – The Supervisor. It’s interesting that, regardless of whether they look inside or out, majority of men rely on senses and facts rather than feelings, logic over emotions, and judgments before perceptions. We tend to have strong habits and focus on what is or has happened rather than what might happen. We see efficiency as more important than cooperation and prefer planning to spontaneity. Sounds like just about every male protagonist I have ever read about.

What would happen to our stories if our male protagonist was open minded or curious? What if he sought out cooperation or maintained social harmony instead of causing strife? What if they were a relaxed nonconformist who made laid back decisions while keeping options open? Would our stories be less compelling? Would tension in our plots slacken? Would we bore our readers into purchasing more vampire date-night plots and our bank accounts into overdraft?

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